Items of Note | No. 2

The typewriters of famous authors | from top left: Hemingway, Steinbeck, Bob Dylan,
Hunter S. Thompson, Cormac McCarthy, Orwell, Tolkien, Kerouac, and Woody Allen
(We can assume the typewriters of famous female authors were more difficult to pin down...)

Happy weekend!  I'm anticipating long holiday picnics and plenty of time in the sun.  
  1. Don't forget: Google Reader disappears on Monday.  (I'm moving to Feedly.)
  2. Are you familiar with Word notebooks?  Their bullet point system is a nice touch.
  3. I love this waterproof tear-resistant map of San Francisco from the Open Company.
  4. Literary Pets: the Cats, Dogs, and Birds Famous Authors Loved
  5. You had me at Molly Ringwald and grapefruit.

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