1. Practice mindful consumption on Block Friday. (Still partial to Buy Nothing Day.)
  2. Such lovely calligraphy on these Thanksgiving leftover labels, from Oh Happy Day.
  3. 10 TED Talks about the beauty and difficulty of being creative.  
  4. I will definitely be recreating this chalkboard laptop
  5. Dali's personal credo, as illustrated by thinimitable Molly Crabapple.  
  6. Still in love with the Underground New York Public Library.  
  7. The rancorous exit of Anthony Bourdain. (Poor form, Travel Channel.)
  8. Louie C.K. and a road trip in the same week? Jealous.  
  9. I may be slightly infatuated with these nude & black ombré tips
  10. So, bicycle taxidermy exists and I kind of dig it.  

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