1. Best About Pages showcases unique and remarkable about pages. 
  2. Slightly obsessed with the fantastic food styling in What Katie Ate
  3. Huge blown up portrait prints on the cheap?  I cannot wait to try this. 
  4. Branding the Presidents of the United States.  Man, I love these. 
  5. Some great ideas in the Homemade Halloween costume series, from Oh Happy Day.
    (I think the snail and little Frida are my favorites.)
  6. In case you were curious:  What is a copywriter?  Should you be one? 
  7. Awesome people hanging out together.  Hey, Bogie sandwich.
  8. A video of Ryan Gosling singing about his body (and zombies).  You're welcome.  
  9. I love the stacked metal crates in Elsie's living room, from A Beautiful Mess.
  10. Smoking's the worst, but these women certainly knew how to party (LIFE, 1941).
  11. My Berlin Kitchen is part cookbook, part memoir, and entirely lovely.
  12. When in Rome, no snacking?  Necessary nannying or overreaction?  

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